Trikaya is a term in Buddhism that describes three bodies (Nirmana-kaya is Emanation body, Sambhoga-kaya is bliss body and Dharma-kaya is truth body) or level of manifestation or dimension. In this type of yoga we are mainly aiming to understand the mind and what are its ingredients and how it is treating us and why? The source of all sufferance mainly are due to the mind. As our mind is made in duality, one of the way to reduce sufferance, pain and sickness will be to move into three dimension life rather than two dimension. We will be interested to learn how to develop Thinking, Talking and Listening in three dimensions. We will use the body and will practice how to think, to talk and to listen the body in three dimensions. 3D way of thinking, talking and listening is the most peaceful way of communication and living. Join us to experience it.

The Zoroastrian threefold motto: “good thoughts, good words and good deeds” in Trikaya yoga they have become Thinking, Talking and Listening in three dimensions. It is indeed a mind blowing practice with which mind will have to come out of its comfort zone and break all barriers for ultimate freedom.

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