What is Oneness?
State of Non-Dual mind is Oneness. How a human being can experience Non-dual state? In order to come out of the mental dual state, we need to know what the mind is and how it works. The very nature of mind is to split everything and create polarity and then judge. Without polarities there will be no judgement. So, mind by splitting everything, finding food for its own existence. First I split, and then I start to use reason, logic, rational thoughts, love, hate, yes, no, and create a battle field in which Ego will intervene and create a WAR. Without War, mind can't survive. So conflicts, problems becomes FOOD for the MIND. More hungry the Ego is, more conflicts will create, means STRESS and Anxiety. More conflicts, stress, more we go away from Oneness, Silence, Peace. As peacefulness is equal to Death to the Mind, Mind will try to find more conflicts. This way, more adrenaline will be secreted into the veins and I will feel more alive ( I will need to complain and fight). And if ever I feel Serenity, I am conditioned to run away by inviting negative thoughts and situations in order to remind myself that "this is life". Peace can not be considered as Life. Feeling Peacefulness within, is almost something Abnormal. I must be worry, because this moment of peace will not last and I might again fight. This way we can condition our mind to have always conflicts, illness and pains. For centuries this way of living has been our routine. If you are smiling, happy and healthy, you might be considered an abnormal person. If you don't take medication and no need of any spiritual guide, you might be consider yourself as an alien. Just watch the nature and take lesson from it. You don't need to pay any debt by punishing yourself by getting sick and sad. Mother Nature doesn't need any Sick and Sad children on the earth. Mother Nature doesn't have Mind. She is based on Oneness.